project365 – January 24, 2015 – run buckley run


I love our little pooper dog, but he is a turd. He is puppy-ish (1 year old), and therefore has a lot of energy. A lot of energy. Did I say a lot of energy? Yes a lot of energy. The only way to keep him satisfied, and to keep our furniture in one piece, is to wake up at the crack of dawn and take him out for a run. This way he gets to burn off some steam, and I get to freeze my face. He also gets to work on his grab and go technique, thus furthering his career in sock theft. What you see above is him running along with a surrogate sock, a pine cone. He can pick them up without slowing his pace, and then happily carries them along for minutes at a time, smiling from ear to ear in amusement. In this instance, I did my best to get along side him with my phone in his face, snapping away and hoping that one of the pictures looks decent enough to post.