project365 – January 31, 2015 – Snow, snow, and more snow


It was chilly, chilly, chilly, and did I mention chilly up on the mountains today!


project365 – January 24, 2015 – run buckley run


I love our little pooper dog, but he is a turd. He is puppy-ish (1 year old), and therefore has a lot of energy. A lot of energy. Did I say a lot of energy? Yes a lot of energy. The only way to keep him satisfied, and to keep our furniture in one piece, is to wake up at the crack of dawn and take him out for a run. This way he gets to burn off some steam, and I get to freeze my face. He also gets to work on his grab and go technique, thus furthering his career in sock theft. What you see above is him running along with a surrogate sock, a pine cone. He can pick them up without slowing his pace, and then happily carries them along for minutes at a time, smiling from ear to ear in amusement. In this instance, I did my best to get along side him with my phone in his face, snapping away and hoping that one of the pictures looks decent enough to post.

project365 – January 22, 2015 – Caveman selfie


Continuing the odd selfie series from yesterday, I’m naming this the caveman selfie. This technology predates the iphone, it predates the Sony Ericsson Z1010 (first phone to have a selfie cam?). It’s low resolution, it’s uncomfortable, it’s awesome fun! Who am I kidding, it’s nearly as good as my old samsung galaxy s3 as evidenced by yesterday’s post. I’m really not much of a selfie person, but I guess it would be nice to have a better front facing camera for those moments where nothing else will do. One of these days I’ll update to a super selfie machine like the Galaxy Note 4, or the just announced galaxy S6 (yes I am posting this way late). My phone is going on 3 years old now, and still kickin’, although just barely. I didn’t help it along any when I dropped it on the sidewalk this morning. It was 6:30am or so, so I was tired. It was 49 degrees out, so I was cold. 49 is cold cold cold for us southern californian-ers. I was headed out for a run with my dog, who was neither tired nor cold, so he was anxious to get a move on. With my hands tucked into my sleeves my phone just slipped and slammed down into the pavement with a loud crack, like the sound of the cue ball breaking a fresh racked game of eight-ball. Luckily it survived the impact with only a single battle wound in the corner, no crack to be found on the screen. It will live to selfie another day!

This photo was taken with the Nikon, with the camera flagged and bounced camera left such that it didn’t spill into the room behind.

project365 – January 16, 2015 – Light painting with toothbrushes


I enlisted my two little helpers for this photographic experiment. This experiment has scientifically proven with absolute certainty that 1) The kids aren’t afraid of the dark. 2) Photography is fun. 3) Brushing teeth is fun. and 4) We need a towel rack in this bathroom. My technique for this photo was simple. I set the camera to manual mode, 10 second exposure, f3.5, iso 200. The speedlight flash was set to fire rear curtain. While I don’t think it technically matters if the flash fires at the beginning or the end of the exposure, I wanted to capture their faces and expressions as they were dancing around in the dark, so rear curtain worked best. I set the camera down on the counter top, prefocused, and turned the lights off and shut the door. Then we turned on the flashing lights on their toothbrushes and I told them to dance, wiggle, wave it around, whatever they wanted. We tried a few times and this was my top pick of the bunch. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved seeing the results!

project365 – January 14, 2015 – I Mustache you a question


These little babies are proudly displayed on my dash in my car above my glove box, glowing like beacons, representing the fun times that the kids and I like to have together. We donned these specific mustaches all through the airport where we waited at the terminal with large flamboyant signs, welcoming my (then) fiance home from her trip. We posed for many a strangers, for many a pictures, because everyone got a kick out of my two little fun loving lip toupee wearing love bugs. Nobody could resist how absolutely adorable they looked holding their signs and sporting their huge furry colorful moustaches. Of course I was wearing a stache too, but I was chopped liver next to those two little mustachio’d giggle machines.

project365 – January 8, 2015 – Fun dad?


I don’t think it takes any extra effort to be a fun parent. Ok sure, maybe an extra pinch of time management helps. Beyond that, all it takes is the willingness to let go a little, and laugh, and be silly, and not worry about what anyone else thinks even if you’re neck deep in the ball pit with a bunch of toddlers. I suppose it is probably easier for some people than for others, but having fun is something everyone can do, and “being” fun is simply a natural extension of having fun. I guess it comes naturally for me because I hardly give a second thought to it. This morning one of the moms at Kindergarten drop off told me that I was the “fun dad” of the class. I don’t exactly know if it was intended as a compliment but I think it was. It made me smile from ear to ear. So if you’re reading this and you have kids, go home and let them jump off the couch in honor of fun parents day. Make sure to take your turn jumping, and don’t forget to giggle!

This photo was taken on the mighty D300 and my wide angle lens at the widest setting, 10mm. This equates to roughly 15mm in full frame equivalent. I used a fairly slow shutter speed and a cranked up ISO so that the lights in the room looked, umm, lit. I bounced the flash off the wall on camera right to help freeze the action. It was probably too high an ISO for my 8 year old camera as you can see fairly significant noise in the darker areas, and in turn the fairly heavy noise reduction I applied in lightroom. That being said, I really didn’t worry about my settings all that much. I did all of this fairly quickly, because it was my turn to jump next!

project365 – January 7, 2015 – Color


Do you remember Color Me Badd? Me too. I wanna sex you up was the bomb yo. Stay tuned for more play on colors.