project365 – January 28, 2015 – Flower girl


My baby girl loves her some flowers, and today’s harvest did not disappoint!


project365 – January 11, 2015 – This is not the macro you are looking for. Or is it?


This was taken on my Galaxy S3 using one of those clip on macro lens attachments. I was very pleased with the results, all things considered. The kit was actually a birthday gift for my sister, which I then promptly borrowed and explored the yard looking for a worthy subject. I later discovered that said sister also took a macro picture of a flower back in her neck of the woods, and it was fantastic! Certainly better than mine. I am humbled, and always in awe of her artistic talent. I’ll see if I can dig up a link to her version and I’ll update this post when I do.

The macro lens kit used for this is made by Camkix, you can find it here (direct link, no affiliation):

Edit: Here is a link to my sister’s photo:

project365 – April 2, 2012 – Flower power

This episode of flower power is being brought to you by the neighborhood Home Depot just around the corner from my house. The kids came along and rode around, scratch that, drove around the store in style, in a double seater, double steering wheeled, nascar style shopping cart! We ended up leaving with two types of tomatos, a basil, some organic soil, and a watering can for the garden. We didn’t buy the flowers seen above, they were simply a drive by photo op, taken advantage of. This image was captured by my tender little droid x.

Flower Power

This pretty little pentagon of pedals was awaiting me this morning, out near my front walkway, basking in the sun. I snapped a couple pictures, and thought I would share. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses today!

Yes, I know, hexagon would have been more appropriate than pentagon, but hexagon doesn’t start with a p, so I embellished a little bit.