project365 – January 23, 2015 – My sunshine


My little sunshine made this for Grandparent’s day. She melted all their hearts with it. Unfortunately there was only one gift, and 5 grandparents. I should have had them arm wrestle for it. Or rock paper scissors. Or a dance off. Hindsight is 20/20.


project365 – January 17, 2015 – Homemade rainbows


In the early afternoon the sun shines through our fish tank which acts like a prism and spreads a beautiful rainbow across the couch!

project365 – January 16, 2015 – Light painting with toothbrushes


I enlisted my two little helpers for this photographic experiment. This experiment has scientifically proven with absolute certainty that 1) The kids aren’t afraid of the dark. 2) Photography is fun. 3) Brushing teeth is fun. and 4) We need a towel rack in this bathroom. My technique for this photo was simple. I set the camera to manual mode, 10 second exposure, f3.5, iso 200. The speedlight flash was set to fire rear curtain. While I don’t think it technically matters if the flash fires at the beginning or the end of the exposure, I wanted to capture their faces and expressions as they were dancing around in the dark, so rear curtain worked best. I set the camera down on the counter top, prefocused, and turned the lights off and shut the door. Then we turned on the flashing lights on their toothbrushes and I told them to dance, wiggle, wave it around, whatever they wanted. We tried a few times and this was my top pick of the bunch. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved seeing the results!

project365 – January 8, 2015 – Fun dad?


I don’t think it takes any extra effort to be a fun parent. Ok sure, maybe an extra pinch of time management helps. Beyond that, all it takes is the willingness to let go a little, and laugh, and be silly, and not worry about what anyone else thinks even if you’re neck deep in the ball pit with a bunch of toddlers. I suppose it is probably easier for some people than for others, but having fun is something everyone can do, and “being” fun is simply a natural extension of having fun. I guess it comes naturally for me because I hardly give a second thought to it. This morning one of the moms at Kindergarten drop off told me that I was the “fun dad” of the class. I don’t exactly know if it was intended as a compliment but I think it was. It made me smile from ear to ear. So if you’re reading this and you have kids, go home and let them jump off the couch in honor of fun parents day. Make sure to take your turn jumping, and don’t forget to giggle!

This photo was taken on the mighty D300 and my wide angle lens at the widest setting, 10mm. This equates to roughly 15mm in full frame equivalent. I used a fairly slow shutter speed and a cranked up ISO so that the lights in the room looked, umm, lit. I bounced the flash off the wall on camera right to help freeze the action. It was probably too high an ISO for my 8 year old camera as you can see fairly significant noise in the darker areas, and in turn the fairly heavy noise reduction I applied in lightroom. That being said, I really didn’t worry about my settings all that much. I did all of this fairly quickly, because it was my turn to jump next!

project365 – January 3, 2015 – A boy and his dog

PhotoGrid_1420766817523Meet our 10 month old Battle dog. Half basset hound, half cattle dog, half sweet heart, half shit head. He loves the kids soooo soooo much. He is so sweet with them. He loves to play, and loves to cuddle, and loves to chomp anything he can get his mouth on when we’re not home. He’s our pooper dog, and we love him. I put him up on the top bunk in the mornings sometimes because Zack just love love loves having a doggy alarm clock to cuddle with in the morning. I took a few photos of this adorable moment with my frail old Samsung Galaxy S3, then edited them a tiny bit with the picsay pro android app, and then put them into the final collage with the android app named photo grid from cheetah mobile. These apps all seem to work pretty good, and I prefer the picsay pro menu system over something like snapseed (which hasn’t been updated since 2013 despite google purchasing it), but if you have any better suggestions for these please let me know in the comments.

project365 – May 18, 2012 – My Mini Stig

If you have never watched Top Gear, get on your netflix right now and give an episode or two from season 16 or 17 a chance; but be forwarned, you may be glued to your couch for a solid week or two watching every last moment of footage available on streaming, for it is a grand show indeed. Perhaps the best show…. in the world! Once you watch the show you will understand this inside joke, as well as my reference to the Stig. Here is my little mini Stig, along with my little star who will someday drive a reasonably priced car, and me in the middle loving every moment of this.