project365 – May 13, 2012 – Next formula 1 champ

They say all the great professional drivers get started young, so we are starting with Autopia, at Disneyland. Look at him, he’s a natural, already looking ahead through the corners!


project365 – April 19, 2012 – No bears on two wheels

This is a relic, a symbol of an era, now covered in dust. Someday it will be reborn, free to roam the lands as nature intended. Someday…

project365 – Feb 21, 2012 – Citizen’s arrest

What a wild sunset we had tonight, I had no choice but to take it’s picture! Before you get all “citizen’s arrest” on me, you should know that I wasn’t driving. I carpool, and today I was a passenger. This was taken with my emotional little droid x, unedited, not even an “I’m feeling lucky”! Once again, the droid suprised me, the quality of this image seems fairly decent for a feeble little phone. Noisy, but it captured the color well.