project365 – May 19, 2012 – You limey …

This little guy met his demise while doing what he loved, bringing tangy and tastey margaritas to the world, on a warm summer day, during a party. He stood up for what he believed in, delicious drinks, and he made us proud. So today, we will not sit around and mourn the loss of another good lime, instead we will celebrate, as he would have wanted us to. We will raise our cups up high in the air, and with a smile on our face and some freezing of the brain, take a nice big gulp, for Mr. Lime.


project365 – May 18, 2012 – My Mini Stig

If you have never watched Top Gear, get on your netflix right now and give an episode or two from season 16 or 17 a chance; but be forwarned, you may be glued to your couch for a solid week or two watching every last moment of footage available on streaming, for it is a grand show indeed. Perhaps the best show…. in the world! Once you watch the show you will understand this inside joke, as well as my reference to the Stig. Here is my little mini Stig, along with my little star who will someday drive a reasonably priced car, and me in the middle loving every moment of this.

project365 – May 17, 2012 – Love, hate, love

The kids we’re being particularly cuddly this morning, so I took a step back and made sure to capture the moment. The title of this post represents the feelings my two little love bugs are going to feel towards this picture through out time. Right now, they love it. Seeing pictures of themselves brings them joy like no other, much like when a dog gets thrown a steak bone after dinner, or when a priest hears an amen in the crowd around him. As they grow up, there will surely come a time when they despise this picture and refuse to admit that there was a time they liked each other so much, much like Katie feels about Tom, or as Oprah feels about dieting. Then as they grow older and begin to enjoy reminiscing, they will love this picture again, perhaps as much like I love this picture today.

project365 – May 16, 2012 – Lava

This is just a simple snap of my plain jane boring brown low pile renters carpet, lava-fied (neon actually) offline with picasa. Isn’t technology grand? 🙂

project365 – May 14, 2012 – Light from the heavens

The light showered down past the plant like it was from a Moen waterhill 10″ rainshower showerhead, just tagging the top most leaves and leaving them with a basking white heavenly glow. This was the day a good friend’s baby was born, happy and healthy, so this was like a message from the sky.

project365 – May 13, 2012 – Next formula 1 champ

They say all the great professional drivers get started young, so we are starting with Autopia, at Disneyland. Look at him, he’s a natural, already looking ahead through the corners!