project365 – January 15, 2015 – Be there, and be square


Besides the creativity on display here, I thought I would post this to bring some attention to a detail that I failed to remember when shooting this image. I used the wide angle lens at 10mm because I had to stand very close. Here is where some of the difficulty with a wide angle lens can rear it’s ugly head, and why practice makes perfect is the most applicable idiom in this instance. I thought I had the camera square to the wall, it seemed so in the viewfinder. Much to my dismay I found that I was most certainly not perfectly centered or squared, in any direction! The result is a parallelogram shaped piece of art when it should be perfectly rectangular. Being so close to the subject with a wide angle lens makes even the slightest rotation from perpendicular glaringly obvious. I suppose it takes a trained eye, and absolute attention to detail to keep things looking square. At minimum, at least thinking about it ahead of time and trying to check the angles will help. I will try again and report back my results. Until then, stay square out there.


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