project365 – January 12, 2015 – Time is of the essence


As my head embeds itself into the soft fluff of my pho down pillow, I’m often left wondering where all the time in the day went. It goes by so fast sometimes. I could use just a little more of it. What would I do with an extra hour per day? Perhaps I would actually post the photos that I’ve been taking! Or play with the kids a little longer. Or enjoy a little more fun time or romantic time with my wife. Maybe I would make more elaborate meals. Or exercise more. I might take more pictures. Maybe keep the house a little cleaner. Or walk the dog more. Maybe I would work a little more. Or read more. Or meditate. Perhaps I would paint. Or write. Or spend more time with my family and friends. I might tackle projects on my honey-do list a little sooner. Or go to bed earlier. What would you do?

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