project365 – January 20, 2015 – Garlic makes the world go round


This is a simple meal but if you look closely you will see bits of the magic ingredient resting atop the green beans. Garlic! My favorite way to cook just about any veggie lately is sautéed in a little extra virgin olive oil (otherwise known as EVOO to the foodies in the audience) infused with an ample helping of crushed and diced garlic. I like how they turn into little crunchy bits of garlicy goodness, adding texture, and delivering the ultimate batman-esque POW as they smack your taste buds square in the …umm… buds.


project365 – January 19, 2015 – Take the blue pill


project365 – January 18, 2015 – The reason we hike


project365 – January 17, 2015 – Homemade rainbows


In the early afternoon the sun shines through our fish tank which acts like a prism and spreads a beautiful rainbow across the couch!

project365 – January 16, 2015 – Light painting with toothbrushes


I enlisted my two little helpers for this photographic experiment. This experiment has scientifically proven with absolute certainty that 1) The kids aren’t afraid of the dark. 2) Photography is fun. 3) Brushing teeth is fun. and 4) We need a towel rack in this bathroom. My technique for this photo was simple. I set the camera to manual mode, 10 second exposure, f3.5, iso 200. The speedlight flash was set to fire rear curtain. While I don’t think it technically matters if the flash fires at the beginning or the end of the exposure, I wanted to capture their faces and expressions as they were dancing around in the dark, so rear curtain worked best. I set the camera down on the counter top, prefocused, and turned the lights off and shut the door. Then we turned on the flashing lights on their toothbrushes and I told them to dance, wiggle, wave it around, whatever they wanted. We tried a few times and this was my top pick of the bunch. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved seeing the results!

project365 – January 15, 2015 – Be there, and be square


Besides the creativity on display here, I thought I would post this to bring some attention to a detail that I failed to remember when shooting this image. I used the wide angle lens at 10mm because I had to stand very close. Here is where some of the difficulty with a wide angle lens can rear it’s ugly head, and why practice makes perfect is the most applicable idiom in this instance. I thought I had the camera square to the wall, it seemed so in the viewfinder. Much to my dismay I found that I was most certainly not perfectly centered or squared, in any direction! The result is a parallelogram shaped piece of art when it should be perfectly rectangular. Being so close to the subject with a wide angle lens makes even the slightest rotation from perpendicular glaringly obvious. I suppose it takes a trained eye, and absolute attention to detail to keep things looking square. At minimum, at least thinking about it ahead of time and trying to check the angles will help. I will try again and report back my results. Until then, stay square out there.

project365 – January 14, 2015 – I Mustache you a question


These little babies are proudly displayed on my dash in my car above my glove box, glowing like beacons, representing the fun times that the kids and I like to have together. We donned these specific mustaches all through the airport where we waited at the terminal with large flamboyant signs, welcoming my (then) fiance home from her trip. We posed for many a strangers, for many a pictures, because everyone got a kick out of my two little fun loving lip toupee wearing love bugs. Nobody could resist how absolutely adorable they looked holding their signs and sporting their huge furry colorful moustaches. Of course I was wearing a stache too, but I was chopped liver next to those two little mustachio’d giggle machines.