project365 – January 3, 2015 – A boy and his dog

PhotoGrid_1420766817523Meet our 10 month old Battle dog. Half basset hound, half cattle dog, half sweet heart, half shit head. He loves the kids soooo soooo much. He is so sweet with them. He loves to play, and loves to cuddle, and loves to chomp anything he can get his mouth on when we’re not home. He’s our pooper dog, and we love him. I put him up on the top bunk in the mornings sometimes because Zack just love love loves having a doggy alarm clock to cuddle with in the morning. I took a few photos of this adorable moment with my frail old Samsung Galaxy S3, then edited them a tiny bit with the picsay pro android app, and then put them into the final collage with the android app named photo grid from cheetah mobile. These apps all seem to work pretty good, and I prefer the picsay pro menu system over something like snapseed (which hasn’t been updated since 2013 despite google purchasing it), but if you have any better suggestions for these please let me know in the comments.

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