project365 – January 11, 2015 – This is not the macro you are looking for. Or is it?


This was taken on my Galaxy S3 using one of those clip on macro lens attachments. I was very pleased with the results, all things considered. The kit was actually a birthday gift for my sister, which I then promptly borrowed and explored the yard looking for a worthy subject. I later discovered that said sister also took a macro picture of a flower back in her neck of the woods, and it was fantastic! Certainly better than mine. I am humbled, and always in awe of her artistic talent. I’ll see if I can dig up a link to her version and I’ll update this post when I do.

The macro lens kit used for this is made by Camkix, you can find it here (direct link, no affiliation):

Edit: Here is a link to my sister’s photo:


project365 – January 10, 2015 – Smells fishy


You will probably see many more fishy pictures as the year goes on. It turns out to be pretty challenging to take a great photo of a fish tank. Things like white balance, reflection, and refraction when working at any angle relative to the glass can make it quite a challenge. Nuisance algae doesn’t help either… I’ll be working on both fronts. I’m not particularly proud of this photo, but here it is, it’s a start. This is a wide angle, shot at 10mm on my D300, with the flash pointed straight up at the ceiling and flagged to keep it from spilling forward directly.

project365 – January 9, 2015 – Eat your veggies


I prefer the salmon, yet this is the photo that ended up on my phone…

project365 – January 8, 2015 – Fun dad?


I don’t think it takes any extra effort to be a fun parent. Ok sure, maybe an extra pinch of time management helps. Beyond that, all it takes is the willingness to let go a little, and laugh, and be silly, and not worry about what anyone else thinks even if you’re neck deep in the ball pit with a bunch of toddlers. I suppose it is probably easier for some people than for others, but having fun is something everyone can do, and “being” fun is simply a natural extension of having fun. I guess it comes naturally for me because I hardly give a second thought to it. This morning one of the moms at Kindergarten drop off told me that I was the “fun dad” of the class. I don’t exactly know if it was intended as a compliment but I think it was. It made me smile from ear to ear. So if you’re reading this and you have kids, go home and let them jump off the couch in honor of fun parents day. Make sure to take your turn jumping, and don’t forget to giggle!

This photo was taken on the mighty D300 and my wide angle lens at the widest setting, 10mm. This equates to roughly 15mm in full frame equivalent. I used a fairly slow shutter speed and a cranked up ISO so that the lights in the room looked, umm, lit. I bounced the flash off the wall on camera right to help freeze the action. It was probably too high an ISO for my 8 year old camera as you can see fairly significant noise in the darker areas, and in turn the fairly heavy noise reduction I applied in lightroom. That being said, I really didn’t worry about my settings all that much. I did all of this fairly quickly, because it was my turn to jump next!

project365 – January 7, 2015 – Color


Do you remember Color Me Badd? Me too. I wanna sex you up was the bomb yo. Stay tuned for more play on colors.