project365 – April 5, 2012 – One of those guys

I have become one of those guys. You know who I’m talking about. One of those guys who walk around the grocery store talking to himself. You turn down the bread isle even though you don’t need bread attempting to get away from the crazy guy, only to cross paths with him again in the canned goods and realize he isn’t crazy at all. It turns out he just has a bluetooth in his ear and doesn’t mind subjecting his phone companion to the holly jolly aweful music playing softly over the speaker system in the store. Yep I have become one of those guys, and the piece you see in the photo above is my weapon of choice. It’s a Motorola something or other, and it is fantastic! The battery life is amazing, and the noise cancellation is top notch, or so I’m told by those on the other side of the horn. I tried shooting this picture on my trusty old white tiled kitchen floor but just couldn’t get a result that I was happy with, I suspect due to the rather large contrast between the black earpiece and the white floor. So I moved it onto my tablet screen and not only got the darker surface I was looking for, but I also got a nice little reflection underneath it. I bounced the flash off the wall on camera left, captured by my Nikon D80 with 60mm macro lens attached.

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