project365 – March 21, 2012 – Firefighter in training

I talked about an android game yesterday, and today that’s the main course. This is the latest android based time waster that I’ve stumbled across. They had a 25 cent sale on the google market, so I snagged this little gem. The whole point is to put out these fires that are threatening some jelly blob looking dudes little wooden huts. So you drive up in your Macgyver’ed looking fire engine and blast away, until you run out of water that is. No fire hydrants here, you only get the water you drove in with, and if you didn’t succeed before you run out you become riddled with guilt as these little jelly blob dudes’ houses and all their worldly belongings burn to the ground. In every level these guys houses are seriously threatened by these little brush fires, and since they made these homes out of wood and straw, if they so much as catch a whiff of the flame they light up like a matchbook! These jelly blob dudes should get a clue and make their houses out of something more flame resistant! But then I suppose we wouldn’t have this clever little game, and I would just be sitting here bored, refreshing my facebook and wordpress stats page all night instead of entertaining myself at the expense of some poor little virtual jelly blob dude’s straw house. This image was taken with my Nikon. I used the flash and bounced it because I wanted the wooden background to show up a bit, and I had a hard time eliminating the reflection.


One thought on “project365 – March 21, 2012 – Firefighter in training

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