project365 – March 11, 2012 – Graveyard

Why are graveyards so sad and depressing yet utterly non scary in the daytime, but as soon as the sun goes down they immediately become eerie, and creepy? I mean, if ghosts could roam about, and scare people that wander near their grave, why would they wait for night time to do it? I would be equally scared, day or night, if a ghost popped up out of the ground and screamed, or made me levitate, or punched me in the face, or whatever it is ghosts do to scare people these days. I don’t need a dark and dreary night, or a large round incandescently orange moon shimmering through the fog to adequately prepare me to see an apparition. So this is my plea, if anyone can communicate this message to a ghost, or if any ghosts or spirits are reading this on their recently deceased ipad 2, please show yourself during the daytime, it will be just as funny for you as it would at night, and far more convenient for me.

This little graveyard replica, with headstones a plenty, was lined up by my son at our local beach, and photographed by me, using my hopefully sand repellent, capricious little droid x, in macro mode of course. A little white balance adjustment and a tiny crop were applied in picasa prior to posting.


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