project365 – Feb 24, 2012 – Suck it

“Roomba, be a good little robot and mix me a drink, would ya? I’ll take a Tokyo Tea.”
“Yes sir. Downloading recipe from skynet. Please wait…”

The technique used to capture this image of my infant future evil robot overlord is as follows: dark room, flash fired for an in focus image of said robot overlord, followed by a 10 second open shutter for the glowing lights. This is how it looked out of the camera, no edits here other than a slight crop. This is commonly referred to as light painting. I fired the flash before the long shutter instead of rear curtain so that I could make sure I had Mr. roombalord in focus. My attempt at it here is a bit disappointing, but it was more of a proof of concept for me. I’ll be coming back to experiment with this technique again in the future, hopefully for something more exciting. That is assuming I’m not taken out by my subservient little roomba first, that is.

One thought on “project365 – Feb 24, 2012 – Suck it

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