project365 – Feb 17, 2012 – Leap of faith

I talked about our evening couch top base jumping sessions that the kids conjured up in a previous post, and now you get to see it in action! There is no trickery involved in the production of this photo, what you are seeing in front of you is true, this cute little white boy has mad hops, yo! First, he scales the lofty tower of stacked pillows (to camera left, out of frame) without so much as flinching from the height. After his ascent up mount couchamajaro, he stands near the edge with a bold stance and beaming grin, then leaps into the air and soars through the upper atmosphere of our living room like a homing pigeon on a mission. What follows is usually an Olympic 10.0 face plant into the furthest cushion possible, combined with bellowing laughter, and applause from whichever parents are in the room. This photo was taken with my Nikon D80, a 35mm prime lens, and speedlight bounced toward camera right.

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