Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Oh yeah baby, you know where this is heading. Another culinary adventure worthy of some written words, and a photo or two. Let’s start with the sauce. This little container of fiery goodness tickles my tongue, and sets my heart ablaze. It is the perfect companion to the main course, seen below.

This, my friends, is a Cancun Fresh chicken supremo burrito. I have devoured something on the order of two bakers dozens (or more) of these since moving into the neighborhood. I have no idea what they season or marinade their chicken in, but I do know that when I bite into it, my taste buds light up and smile with glee, each one simulating a tiny sideways emoticon with a large parenthetic smile. A perfect mixture of accessories accompany the meat, in the form of rice, cheese, peppers, and sour cream. Despite the title of this post, there aren’t actually any beans involved in the making of this burrito, but you know the drill, titles sell, so deal with it. If you can’t tell, I am elated each and every time we decide to eat here, and I can’t bring myself to order anything else!

These photos were taken with my little old temperamental hand me down droid x, in macro mode, and “I’m feeling lucky”-ized and cropped in picasa.

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