Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Learning how to snowboard summed up: Heels, toes, heels, toes, hee……… Ouch! Ok now get back up, frantically brush yourself off, look around and make sure nobody saw that fatuous fall. Now start moving again, heels, heels, heels, heels. Come on, don’t be scared. Ok. Heels, toes, heels, to…. Ouch!

This was posted for the wordpress weekly photo challenge.

It was taken on my point and shoot panasonic better-pictures-under-water-than-out-of-water DMC-TS1. It was converted to B/W in picasa. As much as I would love to, I wouldn’t dare take the Nikon on the lifts! Besides, it wouldn’t fit in my jacket pocket too well.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. This is good take! I’ll admit though, ain’t no way in a frozen mountain my butt would ever do this! I can barely keep from hurting myself by walking on solid ground! Don’t think strapping myself to a board would be a good idea.

      • I’m sure – but sledding is still to dangerous to me. I leave the boards to the husband – if he wants to break his neck I get to say I told you so – which happens so very rarely 🙂

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