project365 – Feb 8, 2012 – Atypical weiners

This little guy was a real treat. How often have you seen a hot dog described as gourmet? Well this is the real deal. Funky ingredients, yet they actually work. Crazy good bread, fluffy and tasty. The dog itself, advertised as a 100% beef frank, well it taste like just about any other decent dog out there. Put it all together, and slap a gourmet price on it, and you have a hit! I couldn’t resist getting a picture before devouring this dog, so what you see here is the best camera I had with me at that moment, my droid x. It has a macro mode, which isn’t too shabby. I propped this guy up on the window sill in my office and got some decently soft, directional light across it from camera left. I wrote another post about it recently, check it out here.


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