project365 – Feb 1, 2012 – meeeeaaaaat

Chicken is quite possibly my favorite meat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a carnivore through and through, and I don’t discriminate when it comes to meats (land based meats that is, I’m not a big seafood consumer). I eat all the regular stuff like chicken, turkey, steak, pork, and lamb. I have also tried some more exotic meats such as buffalo, duck, quail, and snail (haha, are those exotic? Is snail a meat?), as well as some exotic cuts such as feet, tongue, and brain. I bring all of this up just to set the stage for the context of this picture. Kids. Now is my chance to make sure they are getting full exposure to all of these tasty meats. The photo above marks the dawn of a new era, where father, son, and daughter can sit at the table and feast on chicken and turkey legs, while drinking milk from our gem encrusted goblets, like gluttonous royalty! My two tots devoured every last morsel from these chicken legs, one for each of them. They both passed the test, allowing them passage into the select group of meats elites. Well done my little grasshoppers, well done.

Someday I will try some even more exotic meats, perhaps rabbit, snake, and armadillo! What types of exotic meats have you eaten?


2 thoughts on “project365 – Feb 1, 2012 – meeeeaaaaat

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