project365 – Jan 29, 2012

Howdy sailor! Today we leave Pismo Beach, returning back to the normal life, slowing down from the warp factor 9.9 type chaos that comes with 4 toddlers sharing one hotel room, back to our usual cruising speed of warp factor 1 with just our 2 toddlers around the house. I wanted to capture something to remember the room by, and the giant sized chess board outside our door was being terrorized by the above mentioned toddlers, so I settled on this quaint little figurine that adorned the lamp bases all around the room. We stayed at the Lighthouse Suites, and as far as I can tell this sailor looking lady looks fit enough to man a lighthouse tower. I really liked the room, and the atmosphere, and the play deck, and pool, and spa, and the free coffee. Yes, I would highly recommend the Lighthouse Suites. No I am not getting any type of discount for saying that.


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