project365 – Feb 24, 2012 – Suck it

“Roomba, be a good little robot and mix me a drink, would ya? I’ll take a Tokyo Tea.”
“Yes sir. Downloading recipe from skynet. Please wait…”

The technique used to capture this image of my infant future evil robot overlord is as follows: dark room, flash fired for an in focus image of said robot overlord, followed by a 10 second open shutter for the glowing lights. This is how it looked out of the camera, no edits here other than a slight crop. This is commonly referred to as light painting. I fired the flash before the long shutter instead of rear curtain so that I could make sure I had Mr. roombalord in focus. My attempt at it here is a bit disappointing, but it was more of a proof of concept for me. I’ll be coming back to experiment with this technique again in the future, hopefully for something more exciting. That is assuming I’m not taken out by my subservient little roomba first, that is.


Flower Power

This pretty little pentagon of pedals was awaiting me this morning, out near my front walkway, basking in the sun. I snapped a couple pictures, and thought I would share. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses today!

Yes, I know, hexagon would have been more appropriate than pentagon, but hexagon doesn’t start with a p, so I embellished a little bit.

project365 – Feb 23, 2012 – Milky

I don’t think much needs to be said about this. Go ahead, just read it aloud, then laugh, then read it aloud once more, and laugh again. That’s what I did! This was taken with my Nikon D80 and 60mm lens. To achieve the black background I positioned the bottle about 1.5 feet from the wall, then bounced the speedlight off that close wall. I picked 1/200 shutter speed to eliminate any ambient exposure (which is the flash sync speed), and due to the inverse square law, the background got virtually no flash exposure. Viola, it’s that easy. I’ve taken portraits of the kids this way before too, it’s a very useful technique.

project365 – Feb 22, 2012 – Rawsome

It’s no secret that I like meat. Being the meat lover that I am, and with two little meat loving superstars by my side each night, I am stepping up to the plate to continue the chicken franchise in our household. What you see above is our typical cutting pattern, nice small chunks, perfect as an addition to just about any meal. I’ll admit, raw chicken is not nearly as appealing as cooked chicken… but once seasoned and cooked, it’s my favorite addition to a meal.

project365 – Feb 21, 2012 – Citizen’s arrest

What a wild sunset we had tonight, I had no choice but to take it’s picture! Before you get all “citizen’s arrest” on me, you should know that I wasn’t driving. I carpool, and today I was a passenger. This was taken with my emotional little droid x, unedited, not even an “I’m feeling lucky”! Once again, the droid suprised me, the quality of this image seems fairly decent for a feeble little phone. Noisy, but it captured the color well.

project365 – Feb 20, 2012 – Brace yourself

Street vendors are hard workers. They sit there for 12+ hours, waiting for the few people that are actually going to buy one of their nickeled nick knacks or their junky jewelry. Well, I’m proud to say that today, I was one of those few. I was out there fighting for the American economy, on the front lines, cash in hand, keeping this hard working street vendor going for one more day with my purchase of that $4 ring. I’m going to sleep well tonight, like a true American hero. I also snapped the above picture while I was loitering around waiting for the transaction to complete. All the colors caught my eye. This was taken with my Nikon D80, and my 60mm lens, with no flash, and a way too slow without stabilization shutter speed of 1/6, so pardon the slight blur.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Virtually nothing tops an exquisite steak on my list of culinary delights. It’s an indulgence that when filled properly, leaves me satisfied for days. I’m not talking about your supermarket special steak, that chewy, leathery, rubberband steak with fancy labels to make it sound better, like “rancher’s reserve”, “market fresh”, or “sterling silver”. No, I’m talking about the real deal, buttery, marbley, juicy USDA prime! It’s easy to find, either at your favorite butcher, or at your local Costco for a more reasonable price. The mouth watering morsels you see in the above photo began their journey at Costco, found their way to the grill, and ended life in my belly, producing a large smile on my face.

This photo was taken with my Nikon D80, a 35mm prime, and bounced flash. This was posted for the dailypost’s weekly photo challenge.