Daughters and Dads

My daughter is almost 2, which means she has short but curly in her face hair. My wife is really good at putting these crazy little clear rubber band thingies into her hair, so when I had the kids by myself this weekend I thought, hmmph, that should be easy. Well let me tell you, I am here to report, being able to manipulate these microscopic hair accessories is a skill that undoubtedly few men must possess. I tried this way and that way, and I couldn’t manage to get it in the right spot, or tight enough, or without screeching cries from the pain I must have been inflicting on that poor girls head. So, eventually I gave up. She had a hair in the face day. Today I come home and these things are in her hair; Genius! Hair accessories even a man can install!


One thought on “Daughters and Dads

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