project365 – Jan 11, 2012

This photo represents a significant moment in my life. A turning point really. I recently realized that my outlook on new things is too often bleak. I have a problem with being judgmental, and critical, and negative when discussing ideas or giving (what I believed to be) advice. I always thought I was being a realist, but in fact I was being a pessimist. This behavior has affected every aspect of my life, my friends, my career. I am now out of denial, and now that I have realized it, and accepted it, I am going to be a new person going forward. I will no longer be a Negatron, from now on I will be an Optimist Prime! This photo was simply going to be a glass, half full of course, dedicated to my new outlook on life, but I decided to spice it up a little bit with some fruit while I was at it. This was taken with a D80, and a 60mm macro lens with an off camera speedlight on camera right, pointed at the white wall behind the glass, using the NeilVn black foamie thing to prevent shadows in the foreground.



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