project365 – Jan 7, 2012

Today we hit the slopes. Not just any slopes, my old stomping grounds, my favorite local slopes, none other than the grounds of Snow Summit. Being a bit rusty due to a bit of snowboarding hibernation, the mountain took it’s toll on us, therefore I decided to partake in a Starbucks pit stop on the way home. This is significant because it is not a very normal occurance for me. Don’t misunderstand, I am definitely a fan of the coffee now-a-days, as you can see from a previous photo of the day. However, Starbucks leave’s a bit of a foul taste in my mouth. Not literaly, its actually quite tastey, but figuratively, because it is so friggin bourgeois that my meager pocketbook can’t afford as much of it as I would like. So anyhow, today I rewarded myself with a caffe latte, yum. This picture was taken on my droid2, using the filters provided by camera zoom fx.

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