The snow

Snow is good. Crisp cool air. Smile on my face. Just thought I would share.


project365 – Jan 26, 2012

Examine this little ceramic frog very closely, and with an open mind, for when you discover it’s secret you are in for quite a treat! This guy belonged to my late grandpa, who passed away early last year from melanoma. He was a funny old man, full of spunk, and always joking or pranking, or just plain fooling around. When we went to his little slice of isolation that he called home, out about 100 miles beyond Timbuktu, I took this frog home with me to remember him by. It speaks volumes about his character, and his uncanny ability and willingness to bring a smile to everyone’s face. This was taken with my Nikon D80, with a remote speedlight pointed at the white wall behind mr. froggy, who was perched upon a black glossy speaker cabinet.

project365 – Jan 25, 2012

They say red wine is good for you. Red wine on a red couch is especially good for you!

project365 – Jan 24, 2012

Oh the joys of potty training…

I know what you’re thinking. How does this pile of chocolatey, popcorny goodness relate to potty training? Haha, no, it’s not because this looks like a little pile of poo! You see, my daughter loves chocolate, and she also loves rewards, therefore the logical thing to do is reward with chocolate when she successfully announces a propensity for peepee, or a desire to doody. This was taken with my Nikon D80 and 60mm macro lens, with a speedlight bounced off the ceiling, and those famous placemats from dinner propped up behind and underneath.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

What could be more simple than a Dorito? Only 72 simple ingredients (including MSG! did you know that?) in this simple recipe for nacho flavored goodness. This was taken for the weekly photo challenge:

project365 – Jan 23, 2012

We haven’t had any decent rain since early December, so when the skies opened up, and the perspiration of the gods started coming down last night, all the weather guys and girls were salivating at the chance to gear up in their rain suits and report on “Stormwatch 2012”, live from some muddy hillside somewhere. As for me, I got to watch the minor downpour from the comfort of my tiny little office, with a slightly leaky window, which allowed me to take this little gem for you. This was taken with camera zoom fx on my Samsung Galaxy Tab using the dramatic sky effect.

project365 – Jan 22, 2012

My 3 year old son, like most boys his age I’m sure, is infatuated with dirt, along with things that move dirt. When we showed up at a cousin’s new house to watch some football on Sunday, and he saw this in the backyard, he just about had a kidgasm at the meer sight of it. Oddly enough, once he got close he must have been intimidated, he barely wanted to sit in it, he preferred to scurry around it, kicking and pecking at the dirt and tires. On an unrelated note, the 49ers lost, superbowl rematch here we come.