project365 – January 31, 2015 – Snow, snow, and more snow


It was chilly, chilly, chilly, and did I mention chilly up on the mountains today!


project365 – January 30, 2015 – Top of the mountain to ya


Now to enjoy the fruits of my labor! The new chain and cassette brought back the life in my tired old mountain bike, so I dusted off my tired old legs and pushed them up the mountain. It’s such a wonderful feeling reaching the top, sweat dripping like a faucet, lungs tired, legs tired, smiling muscles tired. I love it.

project365 – January 29, 2015 – All geared up!


One of my passions is biking, but I am terrible at maintaining my bikes. I let this one go for sooooo long on a worn out cassette and a stretched out chain that it was driving me crazy. It had begun shifting so poorly that I was finally motivated to make a change. It turns out that new chains and cassettes really aren’t that expensive, and aren’t that difficult to install. I should have done this a long time ago!

project365 – January 27, 2015 – My take on turducken


If you have never heard of “Turducken”, look it up immediately. It’s a turkey stuffed with duck which is stuffed with chicken. Fabulous! Here is my take on a multi stuffed meal. I’m calling it Cheebacenus. Cheese wrapped, bacon wrapped, chicken wrapped asparagus. The kids go bonkers over meals like this. They love to cut them in half and see all the layers. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of that. Next time. Next time.

project365 – January 26, 2015 – Iron defficiency


Is your skin looking a little pale? Do you bruise easily? Are you feeling fatigued? Maybe you just need a little more Iron Man in your diet.

project365 – January 25, 2015 – Small world


It’s so small to us, but imagine how enormous it must be for the microscopic life living on it’s surface. I wish I could fit this thing under the microscope! Just imagine how the spikes must seem like peaky mountain tops, and the holes like never ending caverns to the tiny little microbes that think of this as their home, as their planet.